Taiwan Tourist Attractions

Chimei Museum - 奇美博物院

The Chimei Museum is a private museum established in 1992 by the Chi Mei Corporation in Rende District, Tainan, Taiwan. The museum's collection is divided into five categories: Western Art (including painting, sculpture, decorative arts and period furniture); Musical instruments; Natural history; Arms and armor; Antiquities and artifacts. The museum is known for having one of the largest collections of violins in the world, and also for its significant collections of ancient weapons and Western paintings and sculptures. Forbes magazine, in its February 1996 article on private collectors in Asia, called Chimei Museum "one of the world's most surprising art collections".

Address: No. 66, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 71755, Taiwan
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Chihkan Tower - 赤崁樓

Fort Provintia was a Dutch outpost on Formosa at a site now located in the West Central District of Tainan in Taiwan. It was built in 1653 during the Dutch colonization of Taiwan. The Dutch, intending to strengthen their standing, sited the fort at Sakam, about 3.2 km due east from modern-day Anping. During the Siege of Fort Zeelandia (1662), the fort was surrendered to Koxinga, but was later destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century. It was rebuilt as Chihkan Tower afterwards.

Address: No.212, Sec. 2, Minzu Rd., West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan
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Hutoupi Scenic Area - 虎頭埤風景區

The first reservoir in Taiwan, Hutoupi, was established in 1846. Its name came from its mountain shape which is like a tiger's head. The lake is 40 meters deep at most. The scenery around the reservoir is pretty beautiful. In 1954, the Tainan County Literature Committee chose Hutoupi as one of the "top eight wonders in Tainan County". It has also become one of the "top twelve tourist attractions in Taiwan". Hutoupi is also nicknamed "Little Sun Moon Lake".

Address: No.36, Ln. 42, Zhongxing Rd., Xinhua Dist., Tainan City 712, Taiwan
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Anping Fort - 安平古堡

Fort Zeelandia was a fortress built over ten years from 1624 to 1634 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), in the town of Anping (Tainan). Although the site was previously named Orange City, Anping City, and Taiwan City, the current name of the site in Chinese is Anping Fort.

Address: No.82, Guosheng Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan
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Confucius Temple - 台南孔廟

Confucius Temple in Tainan was built in 1665, by Chen Yonghua for the restoration of Ming Dynasty with the plan "ten years of growth, ten years of education, and ten years of convergence". The establishment initially set up the Dacheng Hall only, which was used as a sacrificial shrine for Confucius. Later, it also set up a lecture hall for the preaching. Then, Confucius temple was called the Holy Temple.

Address: No. 2, Nanmen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan
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Xiaobei Night Market - 小北夜市 (on Tuesday)

Night markets in Taiwan are street markets that operate in urban or suburban areas. They are similar to those in areas inhabited by ethnic Han, such as Southeast Asia. Some night markets in smaller side streets or lanes feature retractable roofs. Most of the markets operate daily and feature a mixture of individual stalls hawking clothing, consumer goods, xiaochi (similar to snacks or fast food), and specialty drinks.

Address: Ln. 171, Sec. 4, Ximen Rd., North Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan
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